Initial Consultation/Meet and Greet~

  Pet Sitting Services Include:

  • Playtime

  • A short walk outdoors or in backyard for a potty break

  • ​Lots of love and attention

  • Fresh water/feeding

  • Light brushing/grooming

  • Medication dispensation

  • Bring in mail, newspaper, any packages left at the door or at gate.

  • Set alarm, rotate blinds, alternate lights, water up to ten potted plants, indoor or outdoor, trash cans to curb/brought back in. (If more than 4 cans additional charge may apply.)

  • Provide daily or intermittent status update/picture of your pet if you would like.

      $25  per visit, 1-2 pets 

     Additional pets Add:

     $4 per large dog
     $3 per small dog or a cat
     $3 per large fish tank
     $2 per small fish tank, fish bowl, small bird, rabbit, hamster, chinchilla, turtle or reptile

     For Pasture and Barn Pets Add:

    $5 per horse or other large pasture pet (feed only)--Call for quote on cleaning rates & availability
    $4 per goat, sheep or other barn pets 
    $3 for more than 3 chickens/ducks/geese/peacocks, etc.

  • Jobs outside our service area will be subject to an additional mileage charge.

  • Please note: We offer customized services, our prices can vary according to the clients/pets needs. Additional pets, livestock, farm animals, puppy care, livestock, pocket pets, special need, elderly pets, medication dispensation/injections, large birds, fresh and saltwater aquariums, Koi ponds, additional irrigation for landscape/grove, more than ten potted plants, over and above normal pet mess clean up, vacuuming and light housekeeping are subject to an additional charge. 

  • HOLIDAY PRICING: A $20 surcharge will apply to the below listed holidays. The additional charge only applies to the below listed holidays, and is a one time daily fee, not an extra per visit fee. If a major holiday is not booked, but your booking falls on the day before a major holiday, a $15 surcharge will apply. 

  • New Years Eve & New Years Day                          
  • Presidents Day
  • Easter Weekend (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday & Monday)
  • Independence Day Day (July 3 & 4)
  • Labor Day Weekend ( Sunday & Monday) 
  • Thanksgiving Day (Friday after Thanksgiving) 
  • Christmas Eve Day & Christmas Day

  Dog Walking Service~

  $23  daily dog walk/playtime 1 day a week 
  $22  daily dog walk/playtime 2 days a week
  $20  daily dog walk/playtime 3 days a week
  $19  daily dog walk/playtime 4 days a week
  $18  daily dog walk/playtime 5 days a week

 Additional pets will be charged an extra fee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
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 In Home Overnight House Sitting Service~

 I offer this service on a very limited basis, so please check with me availability.

 I stay in your home overnight and care for your pets.

 Stay will be approximately 10-12 hours (8pm-7am)

 If your pet needs a mid day visit as well, let me know! 
 (I usually can accommodate a mid day visit, additional charge will apply)

​ $75 per night 1-3 pets 

 $85 per night 3-5 pets

 If more than 5 pets please call or email for price quote

  Have No Pets? But need basic home care/security check while you travel?

        We can provide these services listed below, or other services you may need. Just ask!
  • Plants watered

  • Hummingbird feeders filled

  • Packages at front door and gate picked up

  • Mail and newspaper collected

  • Wild bird feeders filled

  • General oversight to make sure home is secure and irrigation working 

  • Trash cans to curb/brought back in

  • Water fountains and bird baths filled     

      Call or email for daily rate

Other Services Offered~

 Pet Taxi Service
 Please call for pricing

 Errand Service
 Please call for pricing 

 Best Friends Pet & House Sitting Service             Call us: 760-723-9794
Time to meet with Valerie!
I need Valerie to visit with me!
        A treat, a ball and some dinner!                     Happy dogs!

Happy at home!
Did you get locked out of your house? Call me, I can help you if your key is on file with me!

$30 (trip fee for lock out service)
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This Meet and Greet is required so I can go over important information with you about your pets health, feeding schedule, special needs as well as medication they may require. And I want to make sure your pets, and you, are comfortable with me. 

This Meet and Greet will give us the opportunity to go over the required paperwork I will need to do a great job for you, and give you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have concerning care of your pet and home.​

Please have an extra key available if you decide to use my services. I keep all client keys locked in a safe, and all keys are number coded. Your name and/or address will never be put on the key you have on file with me.

  •  Initial Meet and Greet/Consultation usually takes 35-45 minutes. FREE!

  •  Subsequent Consultations if requested by client: $25

We are available for vacations, weekends, holidays, emergencies, business trips, checking in on elderly or sick pets while you work, daily cat sitting, dog sitting and daily dog walking.
Monthly Dog Walking Package: Pricing based on Monday through Friday client work schedule, the more you use the Daily Dog Walking Program the better the rates! (Rates based on 1-3 pets)

This daily dog walking service is for pet parents that have to be away all day at work and want their pets to have some interaction, affection and a potty break.